Aggressive Criminal Defense For Sex Offenses

Being charged with a sex offense in Texas can ruin your reputation for years. Being convicted can land you in prison for many years, with lifelong registration on the state's sex offender registration.

It's no secret that sex crimes are considered particularly heinous offenses by the general public. Communities give their police and prosecutors every available resource to make arrests and seek a conviction. It's no secret that being accused of a sex offense means you have already been found guilty in the court of public opinion, despite the evidence.

The Consequences Are Incredibly Serious. Your Lawyer Better Be, Too.

I am criminal defense attorney Richard Davis of Burnet, TX. I have been defending people charged with sex crimes in Austin, Waco and throughout the Texas Hill Country for more than 35 years. It hasn't always been the best publicity for my law firm, but I believe very firmly that everyone is entitled to their constitutional right to vigorous legal representation.

I Don't Judge You. I Aggressively Protect Your Rights.

I believe that the highest calling of a lawyer is to zealously work to protect their clients' rights and freedom. I understand the sensitive nature of sex crime charges and strive to assist clients and their families compassionately and respectfully after they've been accused of or charged with these types of criminal offenses.

My case record in negotiated settlements and in trial includes sex offenses ranging from minor misdemeanors to violent felonies. I have earned a reputation for practicing with integrity. You can trust that I will not judge you and am prepared to defend against your charges, no matter how severe they may be.

  • Aggravated felony sexual assault, rape
  • Misdemeanor sexual assault
  • Sexual assault of a minor
  • Date rape, statutory rape
  • Solicitation and prostitution
  • Stalking, harassment, lewd and lascivious acts

No Empty Promises. Just Hard Work To Protect Your Rights And Your Future.

If you're facing sex crime charges, I am ready to work aggressively on your behalf by:

  • Interviewing the people involved in your case
  • Conferring with experts if appropriate
  • Negotiating lesser charges or penalties with the prosecution (if possible)
  • Arguing your case in court (if necessary)
  • Standing by your side until your case is resolved

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