Experienced Theft And White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney

Don't underestimate the consequences: Even a minor theft charge on your record will mark you as someone who can't be trusted on the job or in your community.

Being accused of stealing money or property, either by burglary, robbery or a white collar crime like fraud or embezzlement can have a devastating effect upon your business, your professional reputation, and your family life. Once you've been accused, you will find that you are suddenly submerged in a world of trouble and uncertainty.

Hiring An Experienced Theft Defense Lawyer Is Your Best Option

If you are under investigation for theft, fraud or other white collar crime, don't give the investigators any more of a head start on their case. You need an experienced attorney protecting your rights and building the strongest case possible — as soon as possible.

Call my office in Burnet, TX. I have been representing people charged with theft and property cries for more than 35 years. I completely understand how stressful and frightening accusations and threats to your reputation and your freedom can be.

I will approach your case with discretion and use legal knowledge to help you work toward resolution.

My experience includes cases related to:

  • Burglary breaking and entering
  • Robbery, armed robbery, assault and robbery
  • Fraud, embezzlement
  • ID theft, credit card fraud, check forgery
  • Auto theft, grand theft
  • Possession of stolen property, fencing stolen goods
  • Shoplifting, petty theft

On Your Side — Call Me For A Free Initial Consultation

If you've been accused of theft, fraud or other white collar crime in a community in the Texas Hill Country or anywhere in the state, I am ready to aggressively protect your rights, freedom and future. Call my office at 512-553-9749 or send an email to schedule a free case evaluation to discuss your case with a friendly and knowledgeable attorney.