Burnet County Trial Lawyer

Without skilled representation, a lawsuit can quickly turn into a nightmare. If your case goes to trial, you need a litigator who knows what it takes to arrive at a successful outcome in the courtroom.

I am trial defense attorney Richard Davis of Burnet, TX. Whether you are facing a criminal charge, are seeking full and fair compensation for a personal injury or are involved in a divorce or family law matter, I provide clients with solid representation, backed by a professional reputation for integrity and ethical application of the law. As a passionate litigator who thrives in the courtroom setting, I love nothing more than winning positive verdicts for clients like you.

Attention To Detail. Attention To You.

Every day, court cases are won or lost based on the experience and skill of the attorneys involved. Hiring an attorney with years of experience, but in the wrong area of law will not give you the best opportunity to obtain the best possible outcome you are fighting for. In fact, it could turn out to be the worst mistake you'll ever make. That is why I will not accept a case for which I do not feel I have adequate experience, resources or knowledge to give you every opportunity to win the best possible outcome.

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If you are facing a legal problem in the Texas Hill Country, west of Austin and Waco, put your mind a little more at ease by schedule a free consultation with no obligation to hire me. We will review your circumstances and I will give you an honest evaluation of how I can help, or refer you to a more appropriate trial lawyer.

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