Aggressive Defense For Assault And Violent Crimes

A homicide or assault charge can mean years in prison. Even a misdemeanor assault charge can result in jail time and a permanent mark on your record as a violent offender. Add the penalties to the fact that Texas is a three-strikes state for violent offenses and it becomes clear how important it is to have the right trial lawyer fighting for your future.

I am attorney Richard Davis of Burnet, TX. I have been protecting the rights of individuals charged with homicide, aggravated assault, misdemeanor assault and domestic violence for more than 35 years.

My primary area of service is communities in the Texas Hill County west of Austin and Waco, however I have successfully represent clients in communities across the state. If I feel I can not vigorously represent you in your jurisdiction, I will refer you to another attorney who can.

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I have a record of helping my clients get the best possible outcome for serious felony and misdemeanor charges involving:

  • First and second degree murder
  • Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter
  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Vehicular homicide or assault resulting from driving while intoxicated
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson

If You Are Charged With A Violent Crime, Time Isn't On Our Side. I Will Be.

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is vital to the strength of your case. I offer a free case evaluation and consultation to explain the steps involved in the process you are about to face. If you hire me, I will apply my 35 years of experience, skills, knowledge and reputation to help you combat your charges and move forward with your life.

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