Aggressive Defense Representation For Charges Of Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated. We all know how serious the charge can be and you probably never thought it would happen to you. Now that you have been pulled over and charged, the decisions you make over the next few days and weeks can make or break your future.

I am criminal defense lawyer Richard Davis of Burnet, TX. I have earned a reputation as one of the most aggressive, effective drunk driving defense trial attorneys in the Texas Hill Country. I have helped hundreds of people avoid the harshest penalties that can result from a DUI and OUI in Texas and I am confident I can help you.

Reputation Matters

Make no mistake: when your lawyer sits down with the assistant prosecutor to work out a plea agreement or contend the charges, reputation matters. I have earned a record of successful outcomes for my clients, in part because of my reputation for practicing with integrity and bringing a keen understanding of the law to the table and into court.

Experience That Turns Heads In The Prosecutor's Office And In Court

If you're looking for a reputable DWI defense attorney you can rely on, call my office to discuss your case. From the moment I start answering your questions, I am confident you will see why my reputation precedes me in court.

I handle every aspect of cases related to driving while intoxicated, including:

  • Texas DMV hearings for license reinstatement
  • Initial investigation into the probable cause for making the traffic stop
  • Proper handling of the field sobriety test and test(s) for blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Negotiating the best possible agreement
  • Preparing and handling your case in court, if trial becomes necessary
  • Temporary provisional driver's license

When you're charged with a DWI, you face a number of serious punishments, including possible jail time. In addition, you can be sentenced to perform community service, lose your driver's license, and be slapped with fines. Your conviction could also mean an increase in your insurance rates, and possibly a chance at getting the job you desire. In other words, a DUI conviction is not something anyone wants. The only recourse is to arm yourself with an experienced attorney who knows what to do.

Contact My Office. Let's Start Working On An Effective Defense Strategy.

I offer a free initial consultation to explain the legal process and review the evidence against you. I will give you an honest opinion of your options. Call me at 512-553-9749 or send an email right away. The law firm accepts credit cards and we have Spanish speakers on staff.