Experienced Texas Family Law Attorney

There is, perhaps, no more worrying type of problem people face than when something affects their family. These types of problems are highly personal and can be extremely trying for everyone involved. When the matter involves children, they can be especially troubling.

Whether you're just starting the divorce process, or you need help with a modification, we can help! Come to us for help with child support, custody, and much more. You are not in this alone and you do need help from a legal professional who's seen many cases like yourself before. We know exactly how to move forward so you can move on.

An Attorney With Deep Experience In The Law, As Well As With Your Emotions

I am Texas family law lawyer Richard Davis of Burnet, TX. After more than 35 years of helping people face every kind of challenge in family law courts throughout Texas, I have come to realize one very important thing: When people are facing a threat to their family, it is difficult to make clear decisions on their own. And that is why I am here. You can trust my experience, knowledge and judgment to help get you and your family through this trying time.

I am ready to help you through your most challenging family law problems, such as:

  • Divorce, including negotiated and mediated amicable settlements or contested trial.
  • Custody, including custody disputes in divorce or between unmarried parents
  • Parenting rights, including disputes over conservatorship (custody) and possession (visitation)
  • Paternity, including DNA test orders to determine parentage, parenting rights and child support
  • Post-divorce modifications, including changes to child support and spousal support orders

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I offer a free initial consultation to review your case and explain your options and how I can be of service. Call my office in Burnet at 512-553-9749 or send an email with a brief explanation of your circumstances.